Create your own money wheel of fortune!


If you are looking for a free money wheel game, you might want one that you can adjust yourself. Next time you have your friends over, create a ball of a night with your own wheel of fortune game! You home becomes better than the best casino.

What is the free money wheel app?

With this free money wheel app you can make your own wheel of fortune game. With it, you can arrange raffles, random draws and more. On the website for the wheel, you can make your own decisions for prizes.

You also get the support of a very big library of spin wheels that can inspire you. Your wheel can have all sorts of results. It does not have to be money. You can also use it to create a cool game where people have to spin to determine what they will do next or what question they have to answer.

The free wheel of fortune has many uses

In fact, this free wheel of fortune is more than a fun game. You could use it for so many things.

A few examples:

  • Use the wheel to decide what to have for lunch.
  • Use the wheel to decide on your intermittent fasting hours.
  • Use the wheel to decide which restaurant you and your friend will meet at.
  • Use it to select team members as fairly as possible.

A free mobile app

This is a mobile app to no cost. It is absolutely free to use. You make your wheel and then you share it using the button for this.

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