Wheely Wheely Big Win Game

Wheely Wheely Big Win


A really fun version of the big wheel games that are popular at online casinos is Wheely Wheely Big Win. With this online casino game, bettors can customize their risk amount and the probability of each spin winning as they look to turn the spinning of two wheels into some potentially large payouts.

How Wheely Wheely Big Win Works

The goal of Wheely Wheely Big Win is simple, as players will select a bet amount and press the spin button. That button will cause two wheels to spin at the same time, with the objective being to land each spin within the darkened section of each wheel in order to win the amount shown before the start of each spin. If only one of the two darkened sections is hit, players can choose to respin the wheel that did not, for a second chance to win on that spin.

Players are able to customize how big the darkened section of each wheel is, making it easier or harder to win on each spin. The larger that shaded section, the lower the potential payout per spin, but the higher the probability of winning. The smaller that shaded section is, the bigger the potential payout, but the lower chance of a win taking place.

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Wheely Wheely Big Win - Questions and answers

The maximum payout for this game depends on a couple of factors. Those factors are the amount that a player bets and how big or small they make the winning zones for each wheel. The smaller those winning sections of the wheel are, the bigger the potential payout, with over $1,000 up for grabs on a given spin when they are at their smallest during a max bet.

DraftKings Casino can be used in four states at this point in time: New Jersey, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. Players in those four states can play Wheely Wheely Big Win at DraftKings.

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