Unibet DreamCatcher

Unibet DreamCatcher


The Unibet DreamCatcher game is the top big wheel casino game in the industry, as players can wager on every spin with the potential to win big. With an easy-to-use interface and a live host that performs each spin, this game feels like a real game show for bettors, which makes it incredibly fun to take on.

How Dream Catcher Works

With the DreamCatcher game, bettors can place their bets before each spin on where each spin will land on the wheel. There are different numbers on the wheel, with lower numbers being more common than higher numbers. Those higher numbers come with bigger payouts than the smaller numbers on the wheel by virtue of their scarcity.

There is also an interesting multiplier feature that can increase the payouts for each spin of the Dream Catcher wheel. If a spin lands on that multiplier wedge on the wheel, the payouts for every bet will be multiplied by that amount. The wheel is then spun again, with bettors having a chance to win a much larger amount than they originally hoped to win.

About Unibet Casino

Unibet Casino is an online casino that has an elite selection of table games and live dealer games, including the Dream Catcher game. They also offer one of the better new player promos in the online casino industry today.

Unibet DreamCatcher - Questions and answers

The maximum payout for this game depends on whether or not the multiplier function is active during a given spin. However, the biggest payout section on the wheel is the number 40, which originally multiplies a bet by 40x.

Unibet Casino is able to be played in the states of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Bettors will have their location verified by software on their computer or mobile device to make sure they are within those states before any bets can be placed.

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