BetRivers I Heart Suits Poker review

BetRivers I Heart Suits Poker


I Luv Suits Poker is a variation of casino poker that is all about the flush. In this game, bettors will hope for the best flush possible on each hand, which could yield some huge payouts depending on how many cards are of the same suit.

How BetRivers I Luv Suits Poker Works

In BetRivers I Luv Suits Poker, bettors place an ante bet before each hand and can place up to two Flush Rush side bets as well. After that, both the player and dealer are dealt seven cards, with the goal being to accumulate a flush of at least three cards. From there, bettors will be able to raise the pot from either 1x to 3x the original ante amount, with the best flush hand winning.

There are two side bets that can be played in this game: the Flush Rush and Flush Rush Plus bets. With these bets, bettors are rewarded for putting together flushes and straight flushes of four cards or more. A seven-card straight flush pays a massive 8000x, which is the biggest potential payout in the game.

About BetRivers Casino

BetRivers Casino is available in each of the big four states for online casino play: New Jersey, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. They offer a deposit match to new customers, allowing bettors to double their deposit up to the max bonus amount.

BetRivers I Heart Suits Poker - Questions and answers

The maximum payout for BetRivers I Luv Suits Poker is $110,910, which would be the result of a seven-card straight flush on a max bet hand while using the two Flush Rush side bet options to their maximum bet amounts as well.

There is not a bonus round for this game, but the two Flush Rush side bets can pay out up to 300x and 8000x, respectively.

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