Caribbean Stud Poker


The graphics are a bit old-fashioned, but we like this poker game. It is for free and it gives you good entertainment without the hassle of registration or invites. Here you will play poker by yourself against the software.

We like that the game starts with the sound off. But don’t worry, when you turn it on you will only hear sound effects as you click on buttons. There is no annoying music to make you lose your concentration!

Simple graphics but good gameplay

As we mentioned above, the graphics are pretty simple. Perhaps too simple for some. But stick around and try it out. Don’t judge the book by its cover. This game has really nice gameplay. You see clearly what to do. Step by step, you can become a better poker player.

If you are not sure about what hands to aim for, have a look at the table to the right. This one shows you the best hands. Since the game is for free, you can simply try your way around and learn this way.

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