Golden Nugget Mississippi Stud

Golden Nugget Mississippi Stud


Mississippi Stud is a fun poker game variation that lets bettors try and turn just two cards into some massive winning hands. With the Golden Nugget Mississippi Stud game, bettors can get in on that action, along with a side bet feature that can lead to additional wins.

How Golden Nugget Mississippi Stud Works

In the Golden Nugget Mississippi Stud game, bettors are able to place an ante bet as well as a bet on the three-card bonus side bet feature. They are then dealt two cards, with three community cards also being dealt face down. From there, bettors can wager on the outcome of each of those cards and whether those cards will help bettors form pairs or better hands with their two hole cards.

In addition to trying to form winning hands, bettors can also play the three-card bonus feature to be rewarded if a three-card combination is formed featuring a pair or better. While it can be difficult to create card combinations with just three to five cards, this bonus feature does at least reward players more when it does happen.

About Golden Nugget Casino

Golden Nugget Casino has over 1,300 online casino games to choose from for players in New Jersey and Michigan to enjoy. Their app is available for players in those two states via the App Store and Google Play Store.

Golden Nugget Mississippi Stud - Questions and answers

The maximum payout for this game is $250,000 off of an initial max bet of $50. However, bettors will need to wager on the three-card bonus feature and place max bets on all three community cards to hit that max win amount.

There is no bonus round for this game, but the three-card bonus feature can pay an extra 50x if bettors see a royal flush from it.

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