Caesars Casino Let It Ride review

Caesars Casino Let It Ride


Let It Ride is a fun variation of casino poker, where bettors are not competing with a dealer to complete the best hand. Instead, they are simply trying to put together a hand that qualifies to win on their own each time the cards are dealt. In this breakdown of the Caesars Casino Let It Ride game and how the game works.

How Caesars Casino Let It Ride Works

With Let It Ride, bettors are able to place three identically sized bets, one for each of the cards that they are dealt. After seeing their three cards, bettors can choose to withdraw one of their three bets or let it ride. After the first community card is shown, bettors can once again choose to pull a bet or let them ride. Then, if a bettor’s hand has 10s or better in it, their hand will be graded as a winner.

Along with the core gameplay in this Let It Ride game, bettors can also place a side bet in the 3 Card Bonus section of the game. With this side bet feature, bettors can get payouts starting with a pair in their original three-card hand. Payouts with this feature go all the way up to 200x, which can be won with a suited ace, king, and queen, referred to in the game as a Mini Royal.

About Caesars Casino

Caesars Casino is the only casino arm of Caesars Entertainment, the company behind the legendary Caesars Palace. Their online casino is available in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Michigan, and West Virginia and features online casino games from top developers such as SG Digital, the makers of this title.

Caesars Casino Let It Ride - Questions and answers

The maximum payout for this game depends on whether bettors play the 3 Card Bonus feature and how much a bettor wagers on their three cards in general. The maximum five-card hand payout is a 1000x payout on a royal flush, while the max payout for the 3 Card Bonus bet is 200x for a Mini Royal.

There is not a separate bonus round available for this game, but the 3 Card Bonus bet feature does allow bettors to earn extra on each hand they play. Bettors can earn up to 200x with this feature.

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