Mafia Poker


Play poker online with a twist. Mafia Poker is a fun poker game that you can enjoy for free. It works with the classic Texas Holdem rules. The goal of the game is to snatch all players’ chips. The players are all virtual with funny-looking pictures.

Here you don’t have to wait for real people to show up for the game. You can start as soon as you load the game.

How to win a round

To win a round of Mafia Poker, you need to have the highest winning combination of 5 cards. You can use the 2 cards on your hand to combine with the 5 community cards on the table.

We think that this is a fun poker game that you should try. You can certainly improve your poker skills with it. Just pay attention to the fact that there is no option for real money bets. Not even if you want to.

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