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DraftKings Lunar New Year Baccarat


The DraftKings Casino Lunar New Year Baccarat game is one of many online casino games that use the Lunar New Year theme. But those who have played baccarat at DraftKings Casino before will notice that the gameplay of this title looks very familiar. Here, we take a magnifying glass to this baccarat title from DraftKings.

How DraftKings Lunar New Year Baccarat Works

With DraftKings Casino Lunar New Year Baccarat, players can bet on themselves, the banker, or a tie to take place on each individual hand. They can also place side bets on each hand, including whether the player or banker will win a three-card hand and whether one or both sides will end up with cards that are pairs. There is a nice variety of bets to be placed in this game, but they are no different than the bets that are available in the other DraftKings Casino Baccarat titles.

To be frank, it was a little disappointing to see that the DraftKings Casino Lunar New Year Baccarat game was the same as their regular baccarat game but with a fresh coat of paint on it. The game itself is fine, but the only difference between this and their regularly branded baccarat title is the addition of some extra pictures on the table itself. If you are looking for a solid baccarat title, this certainly falls into that category, but it is by no means reinventing the wheel.

About DraftKings Casino

DraftKings Casino is available in four states, both via their website and mobile app. Their casino site is aesthetically pleasing, using the black and green colors that have become common across all DraftKings sites, with plenty of games to choose from as well.

DraftKings Lunar New Year Baccarat - Questions and answers

The maximum payout for this game is a whopping $55,000 on one single bet. That comes from winning the player pair or banker pair side bets, both of which come at 11/1 odds with a maximum bet amount of $5,000.

Players can enjoy the games at DraftKings Casino in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Michigan, and West Virginia. Bettors can download the app and create an account from outside of those states, but they must be located in those states to place any casino wagers.

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