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Golden Nugget Baccarat Professional Series


Golden Nugget Baccarat Professional Series is a game that is accessible to players who are not professional gamblers. Professional designations aside, this game is a straightforward version of baccarat with an easy-to-understand set of bets to make and a relatively low-volatility baccarat experience.

How Golden Nugget Baccarat Professional Series Works

With the Golden Nugget Baccarat game, bettors are able to wager on either the player’s hand, the banker’s hand, or for the hand to end in a tie. After that, two or three cards are dealt in each hand, with the hand that has the highest point value being named the winner. If both hands have equal point totals, the hand results in a tie, with tie bets resulting in a 9/1 payout in this game.

While there are no side bets available in this title, the payout for the tie bet pays out more in this game than they do in other versions of baccarat. That creates some added value, even if this game does not have the types of side bets that can create the five-figure payouts that some baccarat titles can entice players with.

About Golden Nugget Casino

There may not be a casino with more games to choose from than Golden Nugget. They have over 1,000 slot titles to choose from, along with plenty of table games and other game formats to choose from.

Golden Nugget Baccarat Professional Series - Questions and answers

The maximum payout from this game is $9,000. To earn that top payout amount, bettors must place a max wager of $1,000 on the tie option on a hand and for that hand to end in a tie.

Bettors in the states of New Jersey, Michigan, and West Virginia can play casino games at Golden Nugget Casino.

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