Mascot Baccarat


As soon as you launch the Mascot Baccarat game, the piano music starts. It is relaxing and brings that casino feeling to your experience. This Baccarat game is easy to start with. If you already know the basic rules, you will immediately be able to get going with the fun.

How to play Mascot Baccarat

To begin with, you need to choose your bet. You have the playing chips marked with their values on the green table. Just click the value you want to bet on and then click on the area of the table you want to bet on.

You can bet on the Banker, the Player, or a Tie. This is the same as all classic Baccarat games. Once you have chosen your bet, you can click on Deal and the game starts. The Player and the Banker get their cards and you will immediately find out if you won with your bet.

Easy to get information

You can get a lot of information about the game by clicking on the stripes that you see in the lower left corner. There you will see payouts and what the rules are. It is possible to learn this by simply playing a few rounds, but many will like the possibility to read up on this specific game before playing.

Beautiful and realistic graphics

The graphics are beautiful and very realistic. You truly get the feeling of sitting by a Baccarat table. This works equally well on your desktop and your mobile device. The game is quick and smooth and a perfect choice when you want to understand how to play Baccarat online without taking any monetary risks.

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