Real Baccarat with Courtney


Most casinos online won’t let you try their live table games for free. This is an exception. This is Real Baccarat with Courtney which you can try out for free. Courtney is the dealer and she is seen dealing the cards and explaining the game.

This works pretty much like a live game, only Courtney is recorded. But you do get that same live feeling and most importantly, you get to try out live Baccarat for free!

How does it work?

This is a standard Baccarat game with regular rules. You can bet on the Banker or on the Player. You can also be on a Tie. On the right side of the game, you see the possible bets. Click on the one you want and then click where you want to place it.

Once you have chosen your bet, you can click on the Deal button. Now, Courtney will deal the cards on the table. She talks at the same time and occasionally you will see a close-up of Courtney smiling. This is very engaging and real.

Free live Baccarat

Even if Courtney isn’t really there through a live stream, you get the same feeling. This is truly a free live Baccarat game in the sense that everything looks like a live game. Since the gameplay is very clear with explanations, this can be a great start for players new to live Baccarat online.

The sounds, graphics, and animations are very well done. You truly get the feeling of a real live Baccarat game. It is very entertaining and you are free to try out your bets without the risk of losing money.

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