BetMGM Roulette Pro

BetMGM Roulette Pro


BetMGM Roulette Pro is a Win Studios game that gives bettors a couple of interesting ways to play roulette. On top of the routine double zero roulette action that this game offers, this fun play on a casino classic introduces additional ways to wager on each spin of the wheel. Here, we take a look at everything you need to know about BetMGM Roulette Pro as a part of the table game selection at BetMGM.

How the BetMGM Roulette Pro Game Works

With BetMGM Roulette Pro, the goal is to predict which number the ball will land on in the roulette wheel, with two zeroes on the board to tilt the game in the house’s favor. Bettors can also wager on which third of the board the ball will land on numerically, as well as which half it will land on either numerically or by color. The potential payouts for each of those outcomes are listed on the board, making it very easy to find out what you stand to make on each spin.

One of the great things about this game is that it has incredibly low betting minimums, as the minimum bet for this game is just $0.20. Bettors can wager thousands of dollars if they so choose, but that low minimum makes this game accessible to all kinds of roulette players. This is a stark contrast to playing roulette at a land-based casino, which has much higher minimum wagers.

The neighbors section of the board is another thing that makes this game unique. With the neighbors section of the board, bettors can choose a number and an amount they want to bet on that number coming up. That bet will also include the numbers to the left and right of that number on the neighbors table, giving bettors several chances to get a win on each spin in BetMGM Roulette Pro.


BetMGM Roulette Pro - Questions and answers

The max payout for this game is $9,000, which can be earned when a player predicts the exact single number that the ball will land on during a roulette spin. To earn that payout, a bettor must also make the maximum single number wager of $250.

There is no bonus round or in-game bonuses available in BetMGM Roulette Pro, as there are in some of the other popular roulette games on the market today. However, there are still some major opportunities to earn large payouts through the single number payouts in this slot title.

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