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Borgata Roulette Pro


Borgata Roulette Pro is a relatively simple online roulette title where players can enjoy their roulette action without all of the bells and whistles of more ambitious variations of the game. While some players may want a more fancy version of roulette to enjoy, this game is perfect for both new roulette players and experienced players who want substance over style.

How the Borgata Roulette Pro Game Works

The Borgata Roulette Pro game offers bettors a straightforward double zero roulette experience. Bettors are able to place standard roulette wagers, such as color-based bets, bets on a third of the board, or on specific numbers or groups of numbers. Bettors can also wager on a specific neighbors section of the board, where they can pick one number and get paid out if the roulette wheel lands on the numbers next to it.

The one criticism of this game is the lack of a bonus round, which some of the more modern roulette titles out there have. But that is a small criticism for a game that is not meant to be groundbreaking and is instead meant to just be an online casino staple.

About Borgata Casino

Borgata online casino is a New Jersey and Pennsylvania online casino that is synonymous with its land-based Atlantic City partner. This casino offers tons of slot games and shares a skin with the BetMGM brand, making its mobile app incredibly easy to use and aesthetically pleasing at the same time.

Borgata Roulette Pro - Questions and answers

The maximum payout for this game is a basic 36x payout for hitting a single number. With a max wager amount of 250 on straight numbers, that makes the max payout a nice $9,000.

There is no bonus round available for this game, making the single number win the most lucrative win on the board.

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