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FanDuel Double Bonus Spin Roulette


Roulette games are hard to make unique from the competition, but FanDuel Casino has done an incredible job of doing just that with the FanDuel Double Bonus Spin Roulette game. This game introduces an extra slot onto the roulette wheel that completely changes the complexion of roulette and offers bettors the opportunity to earn massive wins on the wheel. Here, we give you everything you need to know before playing the FanDuel Double Bonus Spin Roulette game.


How the FanDuel Double Bonus Spin Roulette Game Works

The majority of this game plays like a traditional roulette game, where bettors can wager on traditional blackjack options like dozens, halves, and individual numbers. Bettors can also access the neighbors track to pick one number and potentially win if one of the numbers next to it wins. But that is far from the most intriguing component of this game, as the bonus slot is what makes this game so popular.

In addition to the red and black numbers and the double zeros on the board, there is the option for bettors to wager on a yellow bonus slot. If a player wagers on that slot and the ball lands on the bonus slot, a bonus round is triggered. That bonus round consists of two wheels being spun at the same time, with the outcome of those spins determining how much a bettor stands to make during the bonus round.

There are bonus slots on each of the two wheels that are spun during bonus rounds. Should one of those wheels land on the bonus slot, a 120x payout is awarded. If both of those wheels land on the bonus slot, a gigantic 1200x payout is awarded to bettors in one of the best potential payouts in the world of online roulette play.


About FanDuel Casino

FanDuel Casino is one of the top online casinos available in the United States and is available in Connecticut, Michigan, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. There, bettors can get up to $1,000 reimbursed should they lose when starting out on the site. And with a huge selection of both slot and table games, there is no shortage of excitement to be found on this casino site.

FanDuel Double Bonus Spin Roulette - Questions and answers

The max payout for this game is a massive 1200x the original bet when playing FanDuel Double Bonus Spin Roulette. In order for this to happen, players need to bet on the bonus slot on the roulette wheel and for both bonus slots to hit during the bonus round after that.

The aforementioned bonus round is the main source of excitement behind this FanDuel Double Bonus Spin Roulette game. The only way for the bonus round to be triggered is for a player to bet on the yellow bonus slot and for the roulette ball to land in that slot when that bet has been placed.

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