Wizard of Odds European Roulette


This roulette game from BetSoft has a nice and smooth layout. As you surf into the page, you will notice that the game does not start with noise automatically. You will have to click on the sound button twice to get the music going.

This is a nice touch that you don’t always see on free online roulette games. Wizard of Odds are offering this free European Roulette in order to guide you to casinos where you can play the game with real bets.

Get started with BetSoft free Roulette

You start by setting your bet on the table. First you choose the amount you will bet, then you place your bets on the table. There you have all of the standard roulette bets to choose from. Spin the wheel and watch the ball drop.

The sound effects are relaxing with piano music playing and easy sound effects for the spin and drop. You will definitely get the feeling of playing roulette in a casino where only you have come to play. No talking or human noise but your own!

You can play the same bet again or use the clear button to start over. The game is pretty fast, so it is easy to play many rounds during a shorter break. Should you feel like doubling your bet, this is easily done using the button for double bet.

Paytable for the game

If you want to have a look at the details for this roulette game, you should click in the i-button. This will show you the paytable which is standard for European Roulette. This could be a good thing to do if you are planning on playing the game with real bets in the casino of your choice.

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