NetEnt French Roulette


This is a really nice roulette game from NetEnt with the French Roulette rules. Here you will get to experience the real roulette feeling that comes with true to nature graphics and animations. During the game, you can relax to soft casino music and you will have prompts telling you the winning number.

Gameplay is easy to understand

Playing roulette for free is easy enough. You can’t really make any mistakes. First you pick your bet. It is possible to bet quite high on this French Roulette game and since you are playing for free you might as well try it.

Just remember that the game will not be free once you start it in one of the recommended casinos. There might also be limits to bets depending on your jurisdiction.

Once you have placed your bet, or bets, you can start the game using the spin button. The wheel will slowly come to a stop. Now the ball will land in one of the numbered compartments and the winning number is announced.

A pretty slow game

Be aware that this game comes with a pretty slow pace. If you want to play many rounds during a short break, there could be better alternatives. But if you like that realistic feeling and have the time to spend a few minutes on each round, the slow pace might be an asset to your gaming experience.

Special features

Don’t miss the special features of this roulette game. You can open up a race track, have look at your statistics or your favorite bets to play them again. This is definitely a high-quality online roulette game that can offer many hours of fun bets.

Roulette is a game of chance, but NetEnt gives you the opportunity to put some more thoughts into your play which is really nice.

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