Live Dealer Lighting Roulette

FanDuel Live Dealer Lightning Roulette


They say that lightning doesn’t strike twice, but that is certainly not the case when playing the FanDuel Live Dealer Lightning Roulette game. In this exciting variation of roulette, bettors can enjoy the live dealer roulette experience, combined with the opportunity to earn massive bonuses when lightning strikes specific numbers. Here, we look at the FanDuel Live Dealer Lightning Roulette game and what you can expect when you spin the wheel.

How the FanDuel Live Dealer Lightning Roulette Game Works

The FanDuel Live Dealer Lightning Roulette game functions very similarly to a typical single-zero roulette title. Bettors are able to wager on single numbers, multi-number combinations, thirds, and halves by color and number on each spin. The neighbors lane is also available for bettors to wager on single numbers and to have the ability to win if the neighbors of those numbers hit.

But what really sets this roulette title apart is the fact that lightning strikes can mean massive bonuses when playing this game. On each spin, anywhere from one to five numbers are hit with lightning, which unlocks bonuses that range from 50x to 500x. That means that bettors can multiply their original bet amount by a massive number if the roulette ball lands on the number they bet on when lightning strikes that number.

Of course, the probability of both of those things happening on a single spin is low. But the potential payout amounts from those outcomes makes it more than worth the risk, as bettors can turn a small initial wager into a huge payout if everything goes their way. Even a two-dollar wager can turn into a massive $1,000 win in that scenario, making this an appealing game for FanDuel customers.

About FanDuel Casino

FanDuel Casino is a strong online casino brand with a massive selection of games to choose from. Bettors can play everything from hundreds of slot titles and popular table games to more unique games like Slingo, which are not an option at many other online casino brands. Combine that with a $1,000 play it again welcome bonus, which reimburses players for any initial casino losses up to $1,000, and FanDuel has emerged as an elite online casino brand despite sports betting being their top priority.

FanDuel Live Dealer Lightning Roulette - Questions and answers

The maximum payout for this game is 500x the original bet that was placed on a given number on the roulette wheel. The actual amount depends on the amount that a bettor puts on that number and whether or not the lightning strikes in the game give them the highly-coveted 500x bonus.

The entire selling point of FanDuel Live Dealer Lightning Roulette is the single-number bonus opportunities that are available on each spin. Anywhere from one to five numbers will be hit by lightning on each spin, increasing the monetary value of that number to anywhere from 50x to 100x.

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