Betway Texas Hold Em Plus

Betway Texas Hold Em Plus


The Betway Texas Hold ‘Em Plus game makes casino hold ‘em incredibly exciting, as there are several rounds of betting and a side bet feature that can all lead to tremendous profits. Here, we take a look at how Betway Texas Hold ‘Em Plus works and what bettors can expect from this online casino table game.

How Betway Texas Hold ‘Em Plus Works

With Betway Texas Hold ‘Em Plus, bettors place an ante bet and can place a wager on the plus side bet feature as well. They then receive their two hole cards and can place bets before each round of community cards is dealt. If the bettor has a better hand than the dealer, they will win on their ante bet and subsequent bets.

But it is the plus side bet feature that can really bring bettors some impressive payouts. That feature pays out up to 30x on each side bet, depending on what a player’s pocket cards are. Pocket pairs and combinations of aces and face cards can bring additional payouts along with whatever is won organically from each hand.

About Betway Casino

Betway Casino is available in two states, as bettors in New Jersey and Pennsylvania can utilize this casino site. Betway allows bettors to find the newest games on their site and the games that are currently most popular, allowing bettors to find new and familiar favorites with just a couple of clicks.

Betway Texas Hold Em Plus - Questions and answers

The top payout for this game is $250,000, though that depends on how much a player wagers and what cards they are dealt.

There is no bonus round in this game, but the plus side bet feature lets bettors earn extra funds if they are dealt specific pairings of cards.

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