Zynga Poker Texas Holdem


Create a login or use your Facebook to get started with this free poker game from Zynga online. You are immediately rewarded with 2,600,000 worth of playing chips to play for free with. The game is set around a beautiful table with a real-looking host.

Graphics that make the experience true to life

The Zynga Texas Holdem poker game has a true-to-life design. If you log in using your Facebook account, you will see your Facebook profile picture at the bottom of the table. The other players are virtual but they have real-looking profile pictures.

The game starts and you can make your choices. There are some nice extra effects like tipping the dealer and giving a box of tissue for a crying opponent. This makes this poker game creative and a bit different.

You might feel a bit stressed

Once it is your turn, your profile picture will look like a timer of sorts. You have to act before the time is up. Some players might find this a bit stressful. But in the end, it is actually good that you learn how to play with a good tempo. This can prepare you for the real games.

We think that this is a very nice free Texas Holdem game. It is easy enough to get started with and you get going fast. You can also learn a lot about the game while playing. It is a good version for players looking to up their Texas Holdem skills!

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