Golden Nugget Texas holdem

Golden Nugget Texas Hold Em Plus


Casino Hold ‘em as a table game is usually as fun as its side bets allow it to be. Fortunately for Golden Nugget Texas Hold ‘Em Plus, there is some entertaining side action to make this game worth checking out. Here, we look at how the side action in this game works, as well as the core game itself.

How Golden Nugget Texas Hold ‘Em Plus Works

With Golden Nugget Texas Hold ‘Em Plus, the core game is set up just like a traditional game of Texas Hold ‘Em. Bettors and the dealer each receive two hole cards, after which bettors can either place a wager for double their ante amount or fold their hand. Bettors are then shown the flop and can either place another bet for the ante amount or fold before the turn. They can then either bet the ante amount again or fold before the river. The best hand after the river wins the hand.

The Plus side bet is the namesake of Texas Hold ‘Em Plus and is where bettors are rewarded for being dealt pocket pairs or other big card combinations pre-flop. The game has a pay table for pocket pairs and other valuable hands, where pairs from 2-10 are paid out 3/1, and the values increase from there up to pocket aces at 30/1.

About Golden Nugget Casino

Golden Nugget Casino is one of the best online casinos in terms of its game selection, boasting thousands of games to choose from in New Jersey, Michigan, and West Virginia. Their online casino can be accessed via a web browser or iOS and Android devices in the three states where they are legal.

Golden Nugget Texas Hold Em Plus - Questions and answers

The maximum payout for Golden Nugget Texas Hold ‘Em Plus is $250,000, off of a max bet of $300. Of course, the max payout amount for each hand depends on how much a bettor wagers per hand and whether they play the Plus side bet feature.

There is no bonus round for this game, but the Plus side bet does allow for the potential to earn up to an extra 30/1 payout if a player hits pocket aces.

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