DraftKings Texas Hold 'Em Showdown

DraftKings Texas Hold ‘Em Showdown


DraftKings Texas Hold ‘Em Showdown is a fast-paced version of casino hold ‘em, where players can run through hands at a fast pace as they look to beat the dealer. This game not only offers players the opportunity to win each hold ‘em hand but also comes with side bets that can really increase a player’s winnings.

How DraftKings Texas Hold ‘Em Showdown Works

With DraftKings Texas Hold ‘Em Showdown, players go heads up with the dealer in each hand of casino hold ‘em that they play. Bettors are able to place equal blind and ante bets before each hand is dealt, with bettors able to receive up to a 500/1 payout on those bets depending on what cards they are dealt.

Along with those blind and ante bets, players are also able to wager pre-flop on the Triple Up side bet. With that side bet, players are able to triple their wager or more if they end up with a hand of three of a kind or better. While it is hard to hit the exotic hands that are paid out with this side bet, players can get up to an extra 50/1 payout with this feature, making it worth a shot at times.

Bettors have one more betting opportunity in this game, which comes after the two-hole cards are dealt to both the dealer and the player. Players must decide if they want to bet before all of the community cards come out or if they want to check their way to revealing their hand at the end for no additional risk. This decision is the product of evaluating the strength of the player’s hand and can have a huge impact on whether a player wins or loses money in this game.

About DraftKings Casino

DraftKings Casino is one of the more unique online casino apps on the market today. Their partnerships with personalities like Kevin Hart and Andrew Dice Clay have led to some of the more creative versions of online casino games out there. The DraftKings Casino app is free to download on iOS and Android devices through their app marketplaces.

DraftKings Texas Hold ‘Em Showdown - Questions and answers

The maximum payout for this game is $111,000 on a single hand. That can be achieved by placing the maximum bets in all four betting spots, wagering $200 each on the Blind, Ante, and Triple Up spots before the hand and $800 on the Play position after the hole cards are dealt. The bettor would then need to be dealt a royal flush to hit that max bet amount.

DraftKings Casino can be played in each of the four main states for online casino gaming: New Jersey, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and West Virginia. It is possible that more states will legalize online casino gaming in the future so that this list can increase. However, those four states are all that are available for now.

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