WSOP Free Texas Holdem Poker


When this game finally, after a long loading time, starts up, you will meet your virtual WSOP guide Monica. She will take you through the game in a most delightful way. You will pick your game in accordance with your betting level. Then you have to wait for a hand to start.

A little advice here is to not leave the page while you are waiting. If you do, you will be returned to the lobby for being idle. With other words, you need some patience to truly enjoy this sites free Texas Holdem games.

A very good place to start

But let us say that you really want to get into this game and learn it properly. In that case, this is a good choice for you. The software is well developed and you get so many functions that can help you understand the game and get better.

The site has nice effects like bonuses. When you play for free, it all stays for free. But there is the option of taking the game to the next level if you see that you are doing well.

Slow loading time

There is one big minus with the WSOP free Texas Holdem Poker game. It takes ages to load! OK, not ages, but it certainly feels that way when you compare this poker game to other similar free games online.

We think that free WSOP Texas Holdem Poker is worth a try. Look into it. If you see that it runs smoothly for you, and you don’t mind the waiting time, you might have found the best free poker for you online!

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