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Unibet Casino Hold Em


Unibet Casino Hold’em is a traditional casino hold ‘em game that lets players go heads up with a virtual dealer to try and put together the best hands. With some strategy involved and the ability to get bigger payouts for bigger hands, this game is certainly capable of providing an entertaining casino hold ‘em experience.

How Unibet Casino Hold’em Works

With Unibet Casino Hold’em, bettors can place an initial ante bet and can choose to place an aces or a better bonus bet as well. They are then dealt two hole cards, with the dealer being dealt two hole cards as well. Bettors then see the flop and can decide whether they want to call the dealer’s bet or fold their hand based on how that hand looks so far. If bettors call, they will see the turn and river cards and whether or not their hand wins.

Where this game gets interesting is with the aces or better side bet that is available for players before each hand. With that side bet, bettors who get aces or better with their hand will receive a payout of at least 7/1 on that side bet. A flush or better results in a 25/1 payout on this side bet, as bettors may want to take their chances with that bet as a result.

Even on the original ante bet, bettors receive increased payouts for getting the bigger hands in casino hold ‘em. Flushes and higher earn payouts of 2/1 or greater, with a royal flush paying out at 100/1 if bettors are lucky enough to get them.

About Unibet Casino

Unibet Casino launched in 2019 in New Jersey and is available in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. They offer a large selection of casino games to play, along with the ability to demo games before playing them for real money.

Unibet Casino Hold Em - Questions and answers

The maximum payout for this game comes on a royal flush. With that hand, bettors will receive a 100/1 payout on their ante bet and a 25/1 payout on their aces or better wager if they make one.

There is no bonus round in this game, but the aces or better side bet can pay out an extra 25/1 win on top of the winnings from a player’s ante wager.

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