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WynnBet Casino Hold Em


Casino Hold ‘em is a great replacement for the thrill of live online poker, and WynnBet is offering its own casino hold ‘em game to keep bettors entertained for hours. In this review of WynnBet Casino Hold ‘Em, we will inform you how this game works and the side bet that can turn any hand into a huge payout.

How WynnBet Casino Hold ‘Em Works

With WynnBet Casino Hold ‘Em, bettors are looking to put together a better hand than the dealer using their two hole cards and the five community cards. Bettors place an ante bet ahead of each hand and can place a side bet on the aces or better features as well. There is one additional round of betting, where bettors can choose to call the dealer’s bet after the flop or fold their hand and cut their losses.

The aces or better side action is where some big money can be made in this game, as bettors can win up to 100x their original bet with a royal flush. While bettors have to incur an additional risk to take advantage of this feature, it can be worth it if bettors hit the right card combinations.

About WynnBet Casino

WynnBet Casino is available in New Jersey and Michigan. They offer bettors a welcome bonus that turns a $100 sports wager into a $50 sportsbook credit and $50 casino credit, which can be used on the large number of games up for grabs on the site.

WynnBet Casino Hold Em - Questions and answers

The maximum payout for this game is $11,250 on a single hand, though bettors need to hit a royal flush and play the aces or better feature to receive the largest possible payouts.

There is no bonus round in this game, but there is a side bet that can unlock payouts up to 100x on that side action.

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