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San Diego Woman Wins $1 Million in One of the Largest Jackpot Wins in Southern California This Year

One lucky winner picked up a massive win via a progressive jackpot at Harrah’s Resort Southern California, picking up a huge $1,022,473. Casino officials report the win as one of the biggest this year and came after a $5 bet playing blackjack.

The press release reporting the event laid out the details of Laili M’s incredible win;

“Her first two cards were each a 7 of diamonds,” 

“The dealer’s up card was a 7 of diamonds, giving her the 3 7s in diamonds needed for the best Cash Spin wheel on that game. The wheel was spun and landed on 100% of the Ultra meter!” 

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Amazingly it does appear that lightning does have a habit of striking twice as a winner last December in the same location, picking up a win of over $1.4 million, this time via the table game EZ Baccarat.

Earlier this year, one man won the biggest progressive jackpot in a casino’s history when he won an astounding $3,056,175 in January at the Casino de Montreal.

By all accounts, Claude Martin was visiting a casino to attend a performance by singer Roch Voisine and decided to try his hand at 3-card poker;

“While waiting for the show, he tried his luck at 3-card poker. After a few hands, he won the entire 4-card progressive lot thanks to a royal flush in spades revealed on the flop,” Martin stated.

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As a side note, he and his family missed the show; no doubt they were far too busy celebrating his monumental win.

The world record for a progressive jackpot slot win came in March 2003 when a 25-year-old won an astonishing $39.7 million at the Excalibur Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas.

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