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Online Casino Plans on Hold in New York…For Now

The growth of online casino action in the United States is undoubtedly ongoing, and there is reason to believe that the positive direction the market is taking will continue, especially as new states pass the relevant legislation to allow the pastime relatively regularly.

However, there is a sense that one factor that could speed up the process might be the addition of another big state among those that allow the activity. 

The three states regularly referenced in this debate are New York, California, and Florida (as well, to a lesser degree, Texas), and the success of the now legal sports betting market in the Empire State seemed to suggest that a groundswell of opinion may shift lawmakers opinions on the matter, but that doesn’t seem to be the case.

In 2022 the New York state coffers were swelled by $693 million in tax revenue from sports gambling, that’s a massive sum, and one imagines that legalizing casino activity would see numbers dwarf those in comparison.

The push to legalize in the state is further increased by the fact that neighboring states, such as New Jersey and Pennsylvania, are basically making money off the back of New York’s position.

There are individuals literally driving across state lines in order to partake in online casino action, accessing apps the moment they do so, or walking into the legal offline equivalent, and the fact that revenue is simply seeping out to their neighbors must be some sort of incentive to move into the market, or so you’d think.

Some talk of a potential Tri-State powerhouse that legalization in New York would create, but we are still some way from such a momentous occasion. The move by Senator Joe Addabbo to introduce S4856, a bill to legalize online slots, live dealer games, and table slots, was proposed in February, but for now, it’s very much a case of wait-and-see for those fans of casino action who reside in the New York region.

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